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Last weekend I began using my new CST Moth boom. I was previously using the boom supplied with the boat. I was quite surprised at the difference. The amount of bend in the boom due to vang/mainsheet load was significantly less and I found the boat more responsive to gusts and generally more alive. The boom was also lighter than the original. Good product CST.   Andrew Cuddihy-18′ Skiff Legend

I thank you for your excellent technical support and we were all amazed at how strong the CST tubing was. The build quality was phenomenal! Tom King – NASA/Goddard Space Center, USA

Thanks very much for your prompt attention. I cannot believe how professional you and your company is. I wish every boat builder and manufacturer in the marine industry operated like your company! Thanks again. Robin Dayes – Marine Products, Yamaha Motor Australia

As far as price, and your attention to our needs CST really came out on top.  Thanks for everything. Nilsen – NYC Sewer, USA

The product and service were excellent, we needed the product urgently, which you provided. In the end the quality far exceeded the customer’s requirements. Steve Manning – Craft Fibreglass, Australia

Our relationship with CST has been critical as they were the only operation we could find worldwide that could manufacture large diameter carbon fibre tube to our specification.  We had originally approached them to manufacture pultruded tubing, and until recently, they were unable to provide this.  As a result, 7 months ago we began to source tubing made in China with quality control problems that continue today.  I was quite relieved to have CST offer to manufacture the tubing to our required specification, which so far has well exceeded the China product with regard to accuracy and quality; and is just as cost effective. CST Customer – Canada

Thanks, everything went well with the cut and the mast is 3 times better than my old one. Lochlin Byrne – Australian Moth Sailor

The Tubes have been received and look fabulous, thank you. Great doing business with you guys. Andrew Robertson – Kingswood College

I reckon your gear is the best – my last Cherub was a jet, so it was the only choice. My wife and I sailed together, and she weighs 50kg (and she was the crew!), so we always had issues with speed when it was up range due to crew weight, but were really hard to beat when it was light. At the last Nationals we sailed at LMYC, we led on points after Day 1 (2 races that day), but as the breeze filled in during the last few days of the regatta, we slipped to 7th overall. Speed wasn’t the issue – it was muscle! I’m sailing with my brother this time around. Hopefully I can get it tuned up before then, but, new boats are hard to get going in such a short period of time. Your old three piece mast was a gem, and Ben suggested we run with all the CST gear as he reckons it’s the go, particularly since I loved that old mast. Kurt put in plenty of kind words too! Andrew Stewart – Cherub Sailor

Got the tube a few days ago. You are right, this thing is really cool looking, in addition to having a lot of carbon. Thanks, I will be saying good things about you and your product, with pleasure. Matthew Asaro

I received the pole on Wednesday. It looks A1 and exactly to my specifications. I will recommend your company to other sailing people in Brisbane. I am very happy with your people and your product. Andrew Knights – Australia

Things on the mast front have indeed moved on a treat since your last input, and I have to say that I am really grateful to you for your referral to CST; and for teeing up the initial inquiry. Their response has been as good as I could have hoped for, by contrast all the other options have for me, dropped away, one by one, in comparison. CST has been great though, I am entirely happy that we are getting exactly what I wanted. At every juncture the quality of advice coming back has been detailed and in perspective. Mike Barnes – UK

I find CST composites service to be great, the guys easy to deal with and we plan on using CST tubes on future projects. Stephen Mitchell – Independent Contractor

I thought this would be a good time to give you some feedback given some interesting testing conditions to let you know that the mast section you provided for my Ross 650 is working very well. The combination of stiffer section below the spreaders and flexi at the top suits the boat’s characteristics and my sailing style. It has held good sail shapes from 5 to 30 Knots giving much more flexibility to sail carrying capacity. Have not had to recut the mainsail. The new mast was tested in 30 k breezes during the recent Jervis Bay regatta, which took its toll on other similar trailer yachts. We managed very well under the windy and bumpy conditions on the bay, especially up wind and broad reaching. We would not have had the same ride using the old alloy mast configuration. Considerably lighter to stand up too, a big bonus for small people like me. So thanks for taking the time to design a good section that I would recommend for other 650’s or similar trailable yachts. Trevor Dunn – Australia