CST has the expertise and capacity to engineer and produce strong, lightweight carbon fibre composite products for the aerospace and defence sectors.

We can work with you to provide many specialised applications, engineered to your requirement.
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CST Composites’ tubes were used in the construction of a ground test-bed, used for the validation of the telescoping boom design for the Next Generation Large Canadarm (NGLC). Please see the Canadian Space Agency’s website for more details on the NGLC. The photos displayed are by MDA and the Candian Space Agency.

CST Composites completed the design, production and machining of large diameter filament wound tubes for a ground demonstration article for the application on the International Space Station.

CST Composites supplied NASA, in aid of their Hubble Telescope. Our tubing was used to construct a ground based re-entry skid pallet. Feedback from the NASA engineers, said they were “impressed with the quality of our tubing, and the tested tolerances proved to exceed their expectations”.

CST Composites manufactured tubing for the Australian Defence Force for use on their minehunter vessels.