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The mining industry can benefit enormously from the incorporation of carbon fibre composite products.

CST have been providing composite solutions to the mining industry for many years. We can engineer and design composite products for mining applications such as:

  • Reinforcing props and jacks
  • Reinforcing for substructures prone to corrosive environments
  • Rollers
  • Air-ducting
  • Waterpipes

We offer other specialised products to the mining industry, so if your needs aren’t mentioned here, please contact us.

CST’s mine ducts have been tested to ensure they meet the requirements for flame retardant and anti-static properties (FRAS certification: complies with MDG3006 MTR8, 4.4a).

Since their introduction in 2012, thousands of CST mine ventilation ducts have gone into use with the lowest rate of downtime in the market, due to minimal repair requirements.

Lightweight and safe, CST mine ventilation ducts are designed for ease of use when carrying and handling to minimise injuries and installation time.

View our Mine Ventilation Duct System Brochure (PDF)