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June 2010

CST Composites Partner with Composites CRC

By All News, Industrial News

In line with CST’s dedication to continuous technological development, it has entered into a partnership with Composites CRC (CRC-ACS – Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced Composite Structures), joining the CRC-ACS Associate Membership program in October 2009. Composites CRC have years of experience in composites design, analysis, manufacture and testing, and is one of the world’s leading composites research organisations.

Under the ‘Researchers in Business’ program a CRC-ACS engineer will be resident part-time at CST, assisting in new product and market development. Integrating CRC-ACS’s extensive design knowledge and manufacturing expertise into the CST production environment enhances CST’s capabilities in their drive to be constantly creating new and high performing products.

Current projects include high-precision rods and structural composites for civil infrastructure.