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May 2024

CST makes half the masts for the Paris Olympics

By All News

We are very proud to announce that CST masts will be used on around half the boats competing in the upcoming Paris Olympics.

Our masts will be used on the ILCA6, ILCA7, 49er and 49erFX classes.

This has been the culmination of developing our own Towpregs (see separate News item on this) and the hard work of our Australian production team.

The consistency in the quality of our masts, resulting from the finest Towpregs produced on our unique closed loop system, will mean that no competitor gets an unfair advantage.

We are now making our own Towpregs

By All News

Over the past three years CST’s R&D team have been developing its own towpreg manufacturing capability at our Kurnell and Ingleburn facilities. Not only has CST spent years in their resin lab determining the best resin formulations for each type of fibre, but has also designed and built machines for towpreg manufacture incorporating unique resin impregnation techniques and closed loop feedback and controls.

CST believe it now has the highest quality and most consistent carbon fibre, fibreglass and aramid towpregs on the market.

We are currently using our towpregs to make superior composite spars and tubes in a clean room environment, however we are on track to ramp up production to be able to sell towpreg as a product in itself.

Stay tuned…