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July 2019

Micro Fittings – TowPro Pack

By | All News

Sweet Tow Pro Packs for Foiling Week

Our new ‘micro’ fittings are metal and are great for load bearing.

They are hard anodised and isolated with adhesives. Tested at ambient and elevated temperatures, even breaks the shackle!

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Back to the Future 2

By | All News, Marine News

Another blast from the past this week with an Antrim 27 back in production. This set is about to get on its way to none other than Jim Antrim!

We wish Jim all the best as he uses the rig to compete in this year’s Transpac race to Hawaii.


CST Composites has come a long way since we last produced an Antrim 27 rig, with major technological advancements that put us at the forefront of the industry.


Visit us today at to find out more.

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