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December 2015

CST expands

By All News, Industrial News, Marine News

At a time when the general impression is that manufacturing in Australia is on the wane, Sydney-based manufacturers CST Composites is expanding to a second factory site.

The advanced carbon fibre filament winder and pultruder is expanding into 1350 square metres of factory space in Ingleburn’s massive industrial area.

The industry that started in the backyard of CEO and founder Clive Watt’s rented Sydney home now employs 31 people and moving to the additional site will allow more growth.


The pultrusion sector of the business will be moved, with three pultrusion machines to be located at Ingleburn, which again means more room for growth. Volume production is being relocated, so industrial products and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) products will also be fabricated at Ingleburn.

Filament winding machines, grinders and saws to run the production line are in the process of being installed. Additional mandrels will be needed to allow both sites to manufacture at full capacity.

Earlier this year, CST secured a $1.4 million Manufacturing Transition Programme grant from the Australian Government.

The Programme provides assistance to help manufacturing businesses become more competitive and sustainable, enabling a move or expansion into higher value or niche manufacturing activities.

“We have invested heavily over many years to develop our filament winding technology and automation, and this grant support and investment enables us to take the next step in growing our business,” Clive Watts says. “This second, larger, production facility will allow us to achieve greater economies of scale and gives us increased capacity.  This will enable the company to continue its push into new larger markets including Automotive, Oil & Gas, Mining and Defence.”



New adjustable spreaders

By All News, Marine News

CST has responded to requests from many dinghy classes for adjustable spreaders. The new all-carbon adjustable spreaders can be used on Cherubs, Contenders, F11s, 16ft skiffs and I14s.

Adjustable spreaders allow sailors to attain the required rig angle for their boat. Apart from being able to more finely tune the dinghy, there’s the added advantage of being able to tune for different wind conditions.


These spreaders feature an innovative composite moulded collar section for light weight and strength, whilst providing low windage with an efficient aero section spreader arm. The spreaders are designed with a 10° adjustment range, with angles suitable for a range of dinghy classes.


And of course the carbon construction means the spreaders are durable and lightweight.

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Further developments to Moth bent booms

By All News, Marine News

It’s hard enough to sail a moth without being bashed in the head with the boom. Wouldn’t it be nice to have more space to get under that boom? Now CST Composites is making it even easier to tack and gybe.

Following on from the release earlier this year of a 10° bent boom, CST has now developed the 15° bent boom, giving more opportunity to rake the mast back, making you faster and the boat easier to handle.

Bent boom ©ThMartinez/Sea&Co.

Bent boom ©ThMartinez/Sea&Co.

Apart from raking the mast back, many sailors have been cutting down their mast stumps to lower the rig, reducing wind resistance and lowering the centre of effort and centre of gravity. But these advantages have had a downside of bringing the boom closer to the deck, making those tacks and gybes even more difficult.

Last year, CST developed a bent boom with expert input from members of its Sailing Team. This impressive team includes two-times Moth world champion Nathan Outteridge, who’s also an Olympic Gold medallist, and 49er World champion. Also on the team is the Oracle Sailing Team, led by Tom Slingsby (Laser OIympic Gold medallist, and multiple Laser World Champion). Tom has been racing moths for the past few years.

The original bent boom featured a 10° angle change at the critical point where the skipper moves under the boom, creating more space and making the boat easier to sail. To complement the bent boom, the vang is offset by the attached lever, increasing the purchase on the vang whilst reducing the amount of potentially destructive compression load on the boat and spars.


The new development is to take account of the trend to rake the mast back even further.

The bent boom is sold as a ready-made spar.

If you have a current CST straight boom, you can buy a DIY kit to upgrade your boom from straight to bent.


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