Precision Moth Boom Cutting

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Our recently built, in house 3D router now allows CST to perform more accurate cutting and trimming of components and tubes. The possibilities are endless with this type of machinery on the factory floor. With a reduction of labour costs of up to 80% on some parts it allows CST manufacturing to continue to compete with China while still be based in Australia.

Australian Made, Australian Owned!

Rowing Oars Break Test

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CST composites has been supplying rowing oar shafts for Jac Oars since 2007,  however we have recently undertaken more development work in order to compare CST’s filament wound tubes versus opposition fabric wrapped tubes.

A number of “cantilevered” tests was performed on both opposition and CST shafts where both deflection data and breaking loads were recorded.

The data was conclusive, it showed CST filament wound shafts to have a 25% higher ultimate load while being 11% lighter.

The secret to superiority of filament wound products lies in its high fibre to resin ratio, uncrimped fibre paths and accuracy of our computer controlled process.