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October 2012

CST Acquires Aeronaut Table Plotter Cutter

By All News, Industrial News

Aeronaut Plotter Cutter

CST is constantly upgrading our capabilities. We’ve recently acquired an Aeronaut Plotter Cutter which has automated the cutting-out of prepreg and dry fabrics. This machine ensures consistency of the final product with ease of repeatability, and because it saves time, our customers save money. We now have the ability to pre-package kits before production.

Our plotter cutter has a table size of 7 metres x 1.5 metres, giving us a wide scope for automated cutting.

New Generation of Glue-on Moth Fittings

By All News, Marine News

Forestay attachement, spreader attachment and mainsheet hanger

Here at CST we’ve recently redesigned our moth fittings. They are now not only aesthetically more attractive, but they’ve been designed for weight reduction, strength, and flexibility of application. All you need to attach our forestay attachment, spreader attachment and mainsheet hangers, is glue.

These fittings are now available at CST Express, our online store.

CST Involved in Contender Successes

By All News, Marine News

Antonio Lambertini 2012 Contender World Championships

CST has recently had multiple successes in the contender class. In April, the contender world titles were held at the St Petersburg Yacht Club in Florida USA. Antonio Lambertini secured first place, while Giovanni Bonzio grabbed second. Both boats were fitted with CST masts. Congratulations guys!

The European Championships were held in July/August at Gottskar, Sweden, where Andrea Bonezzi, from Italy, took first place. We are proud to say he was using a CST Mast. Congratulations Andrea.

CST Bags a Win in Japan with Moth Sailor Tatsuya Wakinaga

By All News, Marine News

CST is happy to congratulate moth sailor, Tatsuya Wakinaga, for his fantastic win in the 2012 Japanese International Moth Class Championship held at Lake Hamana, south of Mount Fuji. Tatsuya was using CST moth and boom. We’re excited to be involved in another sailing win and the second in a row in Japan.

CST Revolutionises Shaw 650 Boom Section

By All News, Marine News

New Shaw 650 rectangular boom section

CST is constantly redesigning our marine products to ensure we continue to provide sailors with the latest, strongest and lightest carbon fibre products. We have engineered and produced a rectangular boom section for the Shaw 650. The new section is stiffer, lighter and stronger with a length of 3.5 metres and weight of 5kg fully rigged. The new boom will be in action in Sydney soon with the first boat to receive it ready to go sailing.

If you want one of the new boom sections check out CST Express, our convenient online store for all your marine needs.

Shaw 650 rectangular boom section close-up

Stay tuned because we’ve also designed a new Shaw 650 mast which will be available before Christmas.

CST Fittings for New Cherub

By All News, Marine News

We’ve recently supplied a carbon fibre package for a new cherub, New Order. With mast, boom, and tiller extension, Andrew’s cherub is ready to go, and it looks good.

See Andrew’s testemonial here.

Cherub - New Order