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16ft Skiffs and Carbon – How did we get here?

By May 26, 2011All News, Marine News

The first ever full carbon mast made for the 16’s was produced by CST Composites and trialled by the Bob Jane T-Mart crew. CST has been working with the 16s since our early days of carbon tube production. The 16 carbon mast prototype was made as a technology demonstrator.

Bob Jane T-Marts Mast

The prototype 1 was based on the world champion I14 mast, adapted to suit the 16ft skiff geometry. It was made using high modulus carbon fibre and rigged with two sets of adjustable carbon spreaders.

The mast proved to be competitive out of the box with no requirement for luff round recut, placing well its first race. After numerous test sails the mast continued to perform consistently, even surviving a broken vang in 20 knots.16ft Sk