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Carbon Booms and Poles for 16ft Skiffs

By May 26, 2011All News, Marine News

After working in conjunction with 16 sailors for many years, CST developed a range of standard modulus carbon fibre sections, the latest iteration being the 16 boom.

16' Skiff BoomTo take full advantage of the increased stiffness offered by a larger profile, the production mandrels have been optimised within the 16′s regulations, with a top-bottom dimension of 130mm.

The new rectangular sections are incredibly stiff and light as we predict will be required for future mast developments. The 18ft skiff and I14 classes have gone down this path of stiffer masts and in all likelihood the 16s will as well – so the CST boom is ahead of the times and more than capable of coping with changes to the mast, meaning part longevity and no need for continuous upgrades.

Standard poles are available in 44 OD, with an adaptor kit available for boats with 50mm ID receiving tubes.

Both the booms and poles are currently in stock and available for immediate shipment.