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400kg Tube – 20m Long – Wound in 2 Days

Take a sneak peek at the inside workings of CST BIG TUBE WINDING.

Backbone for boom furler on superyacht.

The industry norm for winding tubes and mandrels involves multiple stages of debulking and curing, which can cause interlaminar and residual stresses, but at CST we do things differently.  Our filament winding process, which is ideal for large applications, lays down fibre in an efficient manner with measurable and repeatable quality and processes.  We use carbon tow, which is the most economically viable material for heavy objects as there is no secondary processing (ie weaving).

CST’s special resin formulations and unique methods allow these thick structures to be wound in a single wind, thus removing multiple debulking and curing processes whilst producing a laminate with a uniform cure and stress profile.  Our tubes have the perfect blend of +-45° and 0° fibres to provide torsional and axial stiffness and our ability to produce custom mandrels and tubes for these applications is our forté.  Our strength in this area provides many benefits for the end user; our valued customers.