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Exciting R&D Projects and Product Developments in 2013

By March 12, 2013All News, Industrial News

CST has developed a range of specialist products that are designed to address rapidly growing demands for specialist composite products to replace traditional alloy materials. Specifically these developments include:

Mining & Infrastructure

We are currently developing a number of new products suitable for a range of mining, infrastructure and other industrial applications.


Our development of the I-Beam will come to fruition this year and we expect to release the product in volume to the marketplace by the third quarter of 2013. This product will be technologically advanced and provide a solution for infrastructure, construction, and industrial clients. The I-Beam has generated a great deal of interest and seems to be the perfect structural component for many applications.

Pultruded carbon fibre I-Beam

Pultruded carbon fibre I-Beam

I-Beam stand

I-Beam stand

Communication Masts

We have continued our development of a range of communication masts specifically designed for the mining Industry. Because metal masts have been shown to fatigue rapidly, CST has designed a new prototype for this application. We have developed a prototype of a unique product that integrates into existing hardware and provides substantial life-cost benefits. CST’s prototype is stronger than current solutions and is suitably designed to bear operational forces, prevent fatigue and, therefore, damage.