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505 Class New Boom Design

By July 31, 2013All News, Marine News

At CST, we aim to constantly improve the function of our products. This includes strength, lightness, stiffness but also ease of use and aesthetics. The latest 505 boom to leave our factory features improvements in every single category.

In order to gain extra stiffness of the boom without adding weight, we used High Modulus carbon fibre as opposed to Intermediate Modulus.

In addition, constant improvements in sail design require stiffer booms and more refined fittings. To complement the stiffer tube, CST has upgraded the various fittings to include a Ronstan snap shackle laminated directly onto the boom. Not only does this make for easy attachment of the vang cascade, but it eliminates the need for holes to be drilled in the boom as this compromises the structural integrity.

MG14 boom with lightweight twin poles and laminated vang snap shackle

505 boom with lightweight twin poles and laminated vang snap shackle

The vang is not the only fitting attached directly onto the boom, as the mainsheet hangers are also a standard carbon fitting that is glued in place. These sleek fittings have been methodically tested and have been proved to withstand up to 1200kg and in some cases, the 3/16 solid stainless steel pin sheared under the pressure before the carbon broke!

MG14 laminated glue-on mainsheet hanger. can be fitted to both mid-boom and end

505 glue-on mainsheet hanger. Can be fitted to both mid and end boom sheeting.

Finally, the gooseneck slot is a moulded fitting that is glued into place, bonding directly to the boom with 100% surface area contact, spreading the load evenly. These gooseneck fittings are a stock part and can be purchased separately from our CST stock.

MG14 glue-on stock gooseneck

505 glue-on stock gooseneck

High Modulus carbon, laminated vang snap shackle, glue-on mainsheet hangers and moulded carbon glue-on gooseneck fittings. No holes are drilled. No compromise in strength. Practical, functional and bulletproof fittings. Gorgeous looks from every angle.

The new 505 boom from CST Composites will make you the envy of the entire rigging park.