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McNicol’s Nifty New Nacra Toys

By December 10, 2013March 10th, 2017All News, Marine News

CST Composites has been supporting the Australian Sailing Team for roughly a decade. When the Nacra 17 catamaran came onto the Olympic scene, we started development! Renowned Olympic sailor and coach Euon McNicol contacted us with a special request for a new set of tiller extensions for his Nacra 17 Olympic campaign with Lucinda Whitty.

Nacra 17 Tiller Extension

Nacra 17 Tiller Extension

McNicol and Whitty used our products in the recent 2013 ISAF Sailing World Cup in Melbourne to achieve the silver medal. They finished only 8 points behind fellow Australians Darren Bundock and Nina Curtis in a fleet that is studded with World Champions and Olympic Medal winners.