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16′ Skiff Australian National Championships

By January 17, 2014April 8th, 2022All News, Marine News

The 2014 Australian 16’ Skiff National Championship was a regatta of contrasts! Not only was the weather wild in both extremes of sunny vs. cloudy and windy vs. calm, but the recent changes in the class rules allowing for composite spars is still in the process of being accepted fleet-wide.

However, following this regatta, the case for composite spars now appears adamant as the Brydens 16’ Skiff repeated history, cementing the advantages of carbon fibre firmly in the class. The trio of Peter Mackie, Lee Knapton and Ricky Bridge won the last nationals hands down using CST Composites masts for their #1 and #2 rigs, as well as a boom and spinnaker pole.

16' Skiff Australian National Championships

16′ Skiff Australian National Championships

Using the same masts in this year’s Nationals, the Brydens team won every single race, notching up their 3rd National Title. Our masts are made as a single section, which mean that there is no sleeving and as such, no additional weight and no compromise to the bend profile. Our masts are not the longest in the fleet, but as the saying goes, it does not matter how much horsepower you have, it is how much of the horsepower can be effectively used.

At CST Composites, much research has been undertaken in developing our 16’ skiff range of gear and we have managed to create a rig layout that is shorter but faster than any other in the fleet. The additional speed not only comes from our meticulous approach to design, but also, using a smaller yet more efficient rig reduces drag, windage and weight, all of which are key ingredients in a regatta-winning recipe.

Since finalising our 16’ skiff range of spars, we have opened up the market by selling the exact same rigs and spars as used on the 3 X National Champion boat, Brydens Compensation Lawyers. CST Composites masts have won 4 out of the last 5 National Championships, so turbo charge your boat and contact us today!