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CST Composites sponsor 2014 Contender World Championships

By January 17, 2014April 8th, 2022All News, Marine News

Since the idea was conceived, the Contender Class has always been the pinnacle in sailing. Drawn up by one of sailings most famed designers, Ben Lexcen, the International Contender was just that: a possible successor to the Finn dinghy for the Olympics.

Designed by a world class naval architect for a world class competition, the International Contender is still very much a world class boat. This will be proven once again during the 2014 CST Composites Contender World Championships.

The Belmont location just north of Sydney, has held National and World championships from nearly every class over the years, and now, one more will be added to the list. Running from January 19th to 25th, the regatta will present the cream of the international crop and include a large number of entrants sporting the latest CST Composites gear.

2014 CST Composites Contender World Championships

2014 CST Composites Contender World Championships

Over the years, CST Composites has been dedicated to providing the highest quality products to the contender class. Our rectangular booms are made from continuous winding of a single piece of carbon fibre which eliminates any seams or messy overlaps, whilst keeping the stiffness uniform and compliant to the design specifications. Not to mention giving the spars our iconic and unique look.

The same process is applied to our one-piece Contender masts. With no joins or sleeves, the mast leaves the factory with the exact bend and stiffness characteristics as designed. Not to mention being lighter than the two piece alternative.

With the 2014 World Championships just around the corner, CST Composites is proud to be a major sponsor and wishes the best of luck to all competitors.