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New bent boom for Moth class

By May 7, 2015March 10th, 2017All News, Marine News

Many sailors are cutting down their mast stumps to lower the rig which reduces wind resistance, lowers the centre of effort and centre of gravity. Furthermore, masts are being raked further back to achieve the same effect. All these advancements mean that the boom has been getting closer to the deck making it harder to tack and gybe.

Working with Artemis Racing and Nathan Outteridge, CST Composites has released a new bent boom which features a 10┬░ angle change at the critical point where the skipper moves under the boom, creating more space and making the boat easier to sail. To complement the new boom, the vang is offset by the attached lever, increasing the purchase on the vang whilst reducing the amount of potentially destructive compression load on the boat and spars.

Bent boom ┬ęThMartinez/Sea&Co.

Bent boom ┬ęThMartinez/Sea&Co.

The bend in the boom is achieved by the addition of a composite monocoque moulding weighing only 190 grams and creates enough space to cross the boat quickly and easily. This aids in improving tacking and gybing.

The bent boom is sold as a ready made spar, or available as a DIY aftermarket modification kit.