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Congrats to CST Team Sailor, Archie Massey along with Harvey Hillary on their 2nd placing at the 2019 International European Championships in Germany, having only just launched their new boat.

The latest CST HM4 mast and 100mm rectangular boom onboard proved to be a powerful combo, providing plenty of speed, even with an old set of Alexander Sails. Not surprising given the spars were based on designs Archie used to win his previous World championship.

The Team at Ovington – high performance sail boats are in the process of building several new 14’s, with Archie’s one of the first to hit the water… Exciting to think there could be still more potential to unleash!


Click…/…/international-69.html to explore their range.

Bring on the International 14 Worlds in Perth, where Archie will be looking for another title with brand new Alexander Sails and CST rig!


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Photo by Ingvild Buchkolz

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