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“Christmas in July”

By | All News, Industrial News

Another awesome CNC machine being delivered to our new Sydney facility, strengthening our existing in-house capabilities for tooling development, metal parts and mouldings, with the ability to work within 6 micron accuracy.

This particular machine has a special history, first owned by the late, great Dr Victor Chang, Australia’s gifted heart surgeon, for his company’s (Heartware) for the manufacture of artificial heart components in Australia.

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“Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything”

By | All News, Industrial News

Another order for precision ground tubes about to take off for the US today, utilizing our precision centreless grinding technology.

For over a year now our skilled technicians have been machining outer surfaces diameters on our composite tubing to standard tolerances of within +/- 50 Microns.
It’s exciting times at CST Composites as we introduce a range of new equipment, machining and finishing capabilities.

“Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything” – Wyatt Earp.

Get in contact with us today to get your hands on one of our precision products.

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Congrats to Archie Massey, I14 European Championship

By | All News, Marine News

Congrats to CST Team Sailor, Archie Massey along with Harvey Hillary on their 2nd placing at the 2019 International European Championships in Germany, having only just launched their new boat.

The latest CST HM4 mast and 100mm rectangular boom onboard proved to be a powerful combo, providing plenty of speed, even with an old set of Alexander Sails. Not surprising given the spars were based on designs Archie used to win his previous World championship.

The Team at Ovington – high performance sail boats are in the process of building several new 14’s, with Archie’s one of the first to hit the water… Exciting to think there could be still more potential to unleash!


Click…/…/international-69.html to explore their range.

Bring on the International 14 Worlds in Perth, where Archie will be looking for another title with brand new Alexander Sails and CST rig!


Visit today to check out our latest products.



Photo by Ingvild Buchkolz

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Back to the Future 2

By | All News, Marine News

Another blast from the past this week with an Antrim 27 back in production. This set is about to get on its way to none other than Jim Antrim!

We wish Jim all the best as he uses the rig to compete in this year’s Transpac race to Hawaii.


CST Composites has come a long way since we last produced an Antrim 27 rig, with major technological advancements that put us at the forefront of the industry.


Visit us today at to find out more.

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See the NEW TOWPREG mast

By | All News, Marine News

Available Soon!


See the NEW TOWPREG masts in testing with Robert Greenhalgh

Behind the scene we have been quietly developing and testing the next generation of moth masts, taking the current DS and Elite range to the next level.

• Available for all Sail Brands
• New Tooling
• New Mast Attachments
• TowPreg material
• Precision machined joints
• Interchangeable Tips and Bases creating more options


Stay tuned for availability and release dates.

Posted by Robert Greenhalgh on Thursday, 20 June 2019

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