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NASA Hubble Telescope Cradle – Flash Back Friday

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We went to Space! Kind of...

(NASA Hubble Telescope Cradle) - Flash Back Friday

In April 2005, CST received an urgent request from none other than Goddard Space Centre at NASA. That’s right NASA! The Hubble Telescope at the time was due for a refurbishment, replacing a Wide Field Planetary Camera for Service Mission #4. The problem was that they need a light weight but strong pallet to be mounted into the Shuttle Cargo Bay, which would hold the necessary equipment for the mission. To add even more pressure to the request, NASA needed the tubes in less than 6 weeks from the enquiry.

From the date of enquiry to the delivery in Florida, CST through our lean manufacturing techniques and engineering capabilities, was able to created specialized high modulus carbon filament wound tubes, all delivered in under 6 weeks to space centre.

Tom King, Senior Mechanical Engineer of ManTech International Corp. at NASA/Goddard Space Centre was very pleased with the support, delivery and quality of CST’s products. Going on to say, “This frame was used to handle & ship a flight pallet structure, called “SLIC”, that was used in the next Hubble servicing mission (aboard the Space Shuttle). By the way, it worked like a charm, and I thank you for your excellent technical support. We were all amazed at how strong the CST tubing was, and the build quality was phenomenal!!”

An in depth look:

The component that used the carbon fibre filament wound tubing was for a Horizontal Pallet (HP) Turnover Assembly. The HP was one half of the completed SLIC assembly, which was mounted in the shuttle’s cargo bay. As previously stated, the SLIC was used to carry a replacement Wide Field Planetary Camera to Hubble during Servicing Mission #4, alongside mission support equipment.

The Composite Backbone Assembly, which is where the carbon fibre tubes were used, is the frame structure used to support the HP during handling operations and transportation.

The structure was primarily made of graphite-epoxy tubing and machined aluminium fittings, bonded together with epoxy. The backbone had four corner fittings that attach to the HP MGSE brackets. The two attachment plates (shown in the images) connect to the bearing and gearbox assembly via shafts. The underside of the frame had a second set of four corner fittings for attachment to the transporter via wire rope isolators. In the mid-span of the frame, there are two fork “pockets” for fork truck operations

Have a look at the images from NASA

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Come Say G’Day! | CST at METSTRADE 2018

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MET-logo with date

Looking forward to seeing you!

The team at CST Composites will be attending the Marine Equipment Trade Show in Amsterdam from the 13th November through until the 15th Nov 2018.

The guys over there will be happy to meet with you and discuss the capabilities of CST and what products or services we can provide you. Contact us at and we can arrange a time to meet.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.

November 2018


13th – 15th

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CST Going Green!!!

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Solid Works, Ingleburn Factory Solar Panels Still


Not literally the colour green but new solar panels are planned on being installed at our factory at Ingleburn in the coming weeks. A whopping 274 panels are being installed onto the factory roof, providing 80% of the energy needed to run the entire factory and all our machines. Whilst the panels are coming, this video created in Solid Works shows off the shadowing effect as the sun moves through the sky.

Stay tuned until the actual panels arrive!

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Technico Solar Boat

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Solar Boat - Full

Technico Solar Boat

In 2017 and earlier this year, CST has been a sponsor for the team at Technico Solar Boat (TSB) and provided them with composite carbon fibre tubes to be fitted into their solar boats.

TSB is a university project consisting of engineering students from Instituto Superior Técnico that work together on the development of a racing vessel exclusively powered by the sun. TSB participates in worldwide university competitions organised by solar 1.

Here at CST, we saw what TBS was trying to achieve and wanted to support them and their cause. The competition such as the Solar 1 Monte Carlo Cup in Monaco (which TBS competed in, in 2017) are put together to raise awareness and encourage technological innovation in solar energy. Meeting the energy needs in both leisure boats and the shipping industry in an environmentally and sustainable fashion.

We are a big believer in environmental and sustainable energy at CST and it was a no-brainer to support TBS in the 2019 Solar 1 Monte Carlo Cup and to support a team of brilliantly clever engineers that are paving the way for the future.

Check out Técnico Solar Boat website to find out more and give them all the support!

Técnico Solar Boat

Check out these awesome photos of the solar boat in action

(All images provided by our friends at Técnico Solar Boat)

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NEW Finishing Capabilities

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Close Up of three Carbon Fibre Tubes in a Row

NEW Finishing Capabilities - Centreless Grinding

The team at CST Composites is excited to offer a new finishing capability for our composite tubing products. Using precision centreless grinding technology, our skilled technicians now have the ability to produce outer surface diameters on our composite tubing within tolerances of +/- 50 Microns… that’s 0.05 of a millimetre! Even the ants would be happy with that!

We’ve already had success with this innovation, having been put to the test by one of Australia’s leading Supercar Championship teams to supply various sizes of precision ground tubes for a new Supercar featuring in the 2019 Championship.

Centreless grinding of our products is available NOW to all CST customers.

Get in contact with us today to discover how our precision products can take your business or hobby to the next level.

Contact Us

Check out these close up shots of the different surface finishes

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Flash Back Friday – Wing Mast

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Flash Back Friday – Wing Mast

18 Footers over the many years since their conception in 1892, developed from timbers boats to high tech carbon fibre, reducing the number of crew members needed over the years from 20 to only needing 3. In 2012 a young innovating skipper by the name of Jonathan (Jono) Whitty came to CST to help create his latest concept, the “Wing Mast”. Not only did we supply Jono with the engineering and production to make such a mast but we were determined to make sure it would point towards the sky as well as be fast.

To see the full story cover by click the link

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